The “legacy” of Vivian Maier

  La storia di Vivian Maier si colora con un nuovo colpo di scena. Sembra siano stati trovati ben 10 cugini sparsi per l’Europa fra Francia, Slovacchia, Austria e Ungheria, che potrebbero far valere il loro diritto sull’eredità della fotografa. Domani, 17 luglio 2018, la Cook County Probate Court dell’Illinois stabilirà se questo diritto esista... Continue Reading →

David Bradford: Drive-By Shootings

New York is certainly one of the most photographed cities all over the world. Its views are renowned, its corners familiar even to those who never walked in the city that never sleeps. The vision of one of the most unsuspected people, one of those silently slipping presences that crosses our path every day, a taxi... Continue Reading →

Lisette Model: the unknown daily life

" I have often been asked what I wanted to prove with my photographs. The answer is, I don’t want to prove anything. They prove to me, and I am the one who gets the lesson." Lisette Model     The unknown scares. It is something unexpected and unwanted that makes you uncomfortable and makes... Continue Reading →

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